Community Advocate

"There's no CommYOUnity without you in the center of it."

It's one of my favorite sayings and I believe it to be 100% true.  Many founders of organizations and companies tend to drift away from the front lines of service due to development, networking and administrative responsibilities, but I'm not one of them!

I feel pretty empty inside if I go too long without personally helping people in need, so to combat this, I make sure that I'm with young adults as we serve people in need together.  Being 'the chief executive officer' of Embrace is not my life's purpose.  My purpose in life is to lead people to serve those in need.

Whether it's teaching low income middle school children the importance of healthy lifestyle habits, serving the homeless or restoring the homes of low income, disabled veterans, I make it a point to be in the center of the community and invite anyone with a passion to help those in need to join me!  

When it comes to helping others,
2 heads are better than 1
5000 heads are better than 2...... 


















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